For the past six years we have worked together in partnership with many Australian charities, both large and small, connecting the cause to their supporters.

Whether we are acquiring or welcoming new donors, or upgrading already loyal supporters, our agents are highly skilled and thoroughly trained to be proud representatives of the causes we partner with, and our goal is always to ensure that every conversation leaves a positive impression.

The beginning of every new partnership involves us learning and understanding your goals, and also what motivates and inspires your supporters. Our role is to ensure that they feel valued, respected, and listened to, and that you, our charity partner, gain these insights on an individual level.

We are extremely proud of the culture we have built and nurtured at Ways Phone, and we cherish working with partners that share our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Clarity, Fun, Teamwork and Respect.

We are driven to deliver exceptional results, the highest quality calls and the best working environment for our team. We love making a difference and we love what we do.


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